Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 2 - No NG Tube

Brain overload, how do I gather my thoughts? How do I sort them and renew my brain so I can function again. After our day starting at 2am towards the end of the day, I didn't feel like I was coping very well. Faith woke at 2am, hungry, irritated and having keppra withdrawals (she refused her complete dose). By 5:30am she had already had 5 lots of food, her mouth opening wide to take the food. She was still tired but much more alert and quite grumpy really. By mid morning Faith didn't really want any of her food from her spoon, the old spoon aversion rearing its ugly head. It was distressing to watch as I just wanted her to eat but I know it has to be her that decides to eat and wants to eat.

After brainstorming with hubby and the speech pathologist it was deicded that we should make Faith's blended diet and see if she would eat that as it is such a balanced diet and we know that it helps her gain weight and grow. So off hubby went to the store to by ingredients we missed, while Faith napped.

Faith spent alot of the morning grunting and just plain grumpy, she was hungry and she just couldn't get satisfaction, we tried a bottle with milk and she tasted it but wouldn't take much. The weather was very hot but Faith felt hotter than usual and when we measured her temperature she had a temperature and thankfully she just took some panadol orally and we didn't see that nasty temp again, thank goodness. A bit scary. We gave her wet face washers to play with and she took them to her mouth and spent the entire day covering her face with them and rubbing her mouth on them.

A trip to Southbank with the hope of Faith being distracted enough to eat but to no avail, she just didn't want it. What was going on? why wasn't she taking food after doing so well yesterday and this morning. Faith was drinking lots of a water, puree, electrolyte combination which is good. But just not eating much.

After our hot walk back to the apartment we put Faith to bed and she was asleep in seconds. We talked, brainstormed and talked some more and we got out all the sippy cups we had and decided to modify a couple and see if Faith would take some blend through her cup since spoon feeding wasn't working so after Faith's 2 hour sleep we tried and she took some and took some more, nearly 100mls! This is wonderful! I could barely believe what I was seeing, Faith was drinking her blended diet and was drinking lots. Yay!!!

So in summary we have made a lot of gains towards the end of the day but I know I have felt fear, scared, overwhelmed and longed for my little chatty, playful little girl but after some food she was touching my face and feeling better so there is so much hope for tomorrow!

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