Saturday, 3 November 2012


I have been thinking about what is joy? I think joy to me is many little things and the appreciation of life with my husband and my daughter and how many blessings there are if I just look. The reason I have the name of Joy, my mum and dad said, is that I brought them joy. The word joy has many meaning's to me, my birth mother has the middle name of Joy so as you can see joy has many meanings to me. There are so many blessings and such beautiful ones if I just look. Yes, we have bad days that sometimes feel like they might not end and my way is cloudy. But I have never questioned why me, but more I don't understand, deep down knowing it will all be ok. Maybe not my ok but God's ok. What is joy to you?

 Joy is defined as 

  1. A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.
  2. A thing that causes joy
And that is what this week has been to me. Faith has been well, she might not have slept very well during the night and I have seen many sunrises and stalked birds for photos in my PJ's, but the majority of the day, she was well. Not too many vomits but giggles and pushing her boundaries. 

It is all the little things that bring JOY to my day, when Faith signs 'up' and then says 'up' and when she mimics my hand movements or when we are driving down our avenue and she says 'mum home'. Or that moment when we were on a play date and Faith has her first 'pretend' tea party and when another little girl just wants to play with her and show Faith her dolls. It is moments when she says new sounds, gives me a big hug, or when she snuggles into my husbands shoulder or Faith shares a secret with teddy and she is giggling away. These are the times that brings me indescribable JOY, Faith is a blessing from above!

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