Sunday, 11 November 2012

21 Days of Gratitude - Day 11 - Family Outings

We headed back to Brisbane for Faith's check ups and overall it went really well but the highlight for all 3 of us was our trip to Southbank. Beautiful weather for those couple of days. We are so grateful for Faith's doctor's and the ability to have access to such supportive and knowledgeable doctors. We couldn't get better treatment for Faith. The Brisbane hospital is so very close to Southbank, it is our sanctuary from all the appointments, the questions, the assumptions, at Southbank we are a family out to explore. We always manage to visit our favorite restaurant where the manager has shared our journey from Eleanor's birth as we have gone there for meals and we each share a bit of our lives. Can't forget our new thing of visiting Max Brenner Chocolate Shop. Faith loves being out, watching the people, seeing new things and having a break. This trip we went to the QLD State Library. We aim to have some fun adventure together so that we all have something to work toward particularly Faith after being poke and prodded.

Here is some pictures from our Southbank adventure

Beautiful gardens and walk ways
So many contrasting colours
Our favorite chocolate shop

Attractions of Southbank

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