A Letter to You!

Dear Friend,

You must be so afraid of the future and there may be tears too. But hold strong as you will find the strength to continue. My daughter is Faith and she was born in 2010. What an amazing blessing she is to us! She has spina bifida and Arnold Chiari ii Malformation but she feels life so deeply and expresses her love for us with the kindest touch and little words of expression that would melt your heart. I know some days will feel like a month or even a year. At times your heart will be heavy with sorrow and others with grief. It is ok to grieve and cry but this is also a time to rejoice in a life that is created and waiting to be embraced. 

Joy, happiness and fun times are there. You might have to look a bit harder but small triumphs are appreciated much more. Sometimes it might take a little while but there is light in the darkness. 

The moment I saw my little blessing there was nothing but the greatest love there.

Your friend, 

Becky Holland


  1. What a pleasure to meet with you today, Joy. And also to meet Faith for the very first time. Though the journey must have been difficult, and the pathway ahead at times might appear to be dimly lit, you're mothering is inspirational to all who've ever looked into the eyes of a child & experienced the love that lingers there, unconditionally.

    1. Hi Meg, great you found my blog and I can share our journey with you. It was also great to catch up with you again after so long. thank you for your encouraging comment. look forward to catching up again :)