Monday, 5 October 2015

Extra Steps: Food Play & Tastes

The moment she raised her smeared hand with the pear and banana puree and touched her rosebud lips with it sticking to her lips and chin I was astonished tastes were happening so soon. This might seem like a very small achievement in the scheme of moments to be celebrated but the last time Eleanor Faith willingly tasted the food was two years ago or more. For a split second my husband and I were in shock and then started cheering. Eleanor Faith saw this as a form of encouragement and continued to repeat her small taste several times. To continue to encouragement her on in her journey of food discovery we will be giving her a range of tastes in her drink bottle, starting with diluted apple juice and working our to smoothies, milk and other juices to help her in her journey. 

Pozible Fundrasing Update
Current: $4,000 - we are getting there
Target: $15,000

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  1. That is so good! It certainly is a milepost. :-)