Monday, 28 September 2015

A Week in Review

It has been just over a week since we launched our Pozible project. We have experienced many blessings with so many of you reaching out with your support through sharing our story and also giving to our project. It has been truly joyful reading your comments on the Pozible project page. It has inspired me to continue on reaching out to media outlets, newspapers, magazines, and anyone who can help us spread the message about Eleanor's story. If you have an idea or contact we would love to hear from you as we haven't reached our target yet. AND if we don't reach our target we won't receive any money. So our work isn't done yet. 

After several media interview's the local newspaper, The Northern Rivers Echo gave Eleanor the front page. The Northern Star also published her story. We love being able to share Eleanor's story in the hope it might bless you too.   

Here is the link to the stories in case you want to read and share:

I have learned many lessons in the past week. I have grown in many ways. I have become stronger and been blessed by making new friends and finding support in many places. It is comforting when a writers group rally around you providing encouragement and support when I struggled at first with my first negative comments on my story. My story definitely engaged with the reader and provoked opinions, personal, indifferent and uplifting.Instead of recoiling and hiding from the nasties it empowered me to show the good and the blessing in Eleanor's story. 

Yes, we are asking for people to help us reach our gigantic goal of raising $15,000 but we also want to share Eleanor's story. She is strong and she is capable. She is accepting and never judges well unless you stop wearing your hat and sunglasses. She might talk at you until you put them back on. Her difference might be hard for other's to understand, but she shines goodness and happiness into so many lives. She is a blessing to me and I just want to share her bit of twinkle with you all.

 Here is the story I wrote for Mamamia and The Motherish

Any ideas on how to spread Eleanor's message please comment below or let's be friends on Facebook :-) or on Pozible

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