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'Project Underblog'
Kindness Abounding
"Sometimes it feels as if the world has lost its kindness. We are all busy rushing around, pushing past people and failing to see the world that is nearest. Do we stop and really see a stranger struggling or sadness in a frantic mothers eyes or the loneliness in the elderly lady sitting alone. Have we truly stopped to see who is walking near us or befriended a shop attendant? What if we did? What would see? And who would we meet?"

'For Great Moments in Parenting'
A Mother in Medical Land
"For a long time I didn’t want to have kids. I felt I was too selfish. My husband and I loved exploring together. We lived for ourselves, best friends taking on the world. Then we thought it was “time” to have a baby."

'For Mamalode'

"At first, I didn’t want to see anyone. I just wanted to be left alone. I needed to get my head around what we were facing."

'For Literary Mama'
After Page One Growth
"I had no idea what lead me to this moment. I was searching for something through time and space but I couldn't find it. I sensed something was missing but didn't know what. I wanted more but of what? I had immersed myself in motherhood and being a stay-at-home-mum and though I loved it, I occasionally longed for my past freedoms. I needed to think about something else."

Writing Prompt Road Trips
"My family loves road trips. It can be an a few hours or an afternoon. We pack all sort of goodies for a picnic: sandwiches, cake, fruit, balls to play with, bubbles and a camera. With everything loaded in the car, we're off. Sometimes we have a destination in mind near or far, a beach, a bubbling creek or river, a rain forest, or other times we drive in a favorite direction and see what can be discovered."

"I loved when Gran visited. She’d shuffle along in her old granny slippers. I loved holding her hand. So soft yet there was history behind them, little time folds showing her aging hands." 

'For Henpicked Wisdom for Women'
'Decluttering You Mind'
"I have an overactive brain. It travels at a million miles an hour and at times I struggle to keep it under control. Life becomes fuzzy, my head feels full and I find it hard to keep functioning.
So I cling on to the mantra ‘everything is going to be okay’."

'For Henpicked Wisdom for Women'
Go preservative free and never look back
"You’ve probably seen the words ‘free from preservatives and artificial flavours’ written on all kinds of food packaging, but what does this really mean?"

'Discover Your Inner Strength'
"There are times in life when most of us just feel we can’t cope. We want to crawl under the bedcovers and hide, hoping that whatever is troubling us will simply disappear.But as adults, we have to learn to move beyond this, get through it and emerge smiling at the other side. Not always easy, but certainly necessary.

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