Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Community Spirit

I’m sitting on the steps of a public school hall hearing the band play Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Around me there are children singing, waving glow sticks, laughing and a few tears, elderly men and women perhaps remembering their younger days. There is a craft table buzzing with activity, young and old learning together. A local photographer has set up a nativity scene with dress ups for bubs and siblings. There is nothing like a 7 month old dressed up as a sheep sitting in hay. The atmosphere is sparkling. There is a beautiful community spirit here.

After the past days and weeks of seeing the outcome of the Sydney siege, the pain and suffering in all corners of the world it is hard not to be more vigilant. Who is really sitting next to me in a cafĂ© or riding the train with me. I’ve noticed I’m locking my doors more. No more freedom of coming and going. Locking myself inside my home and backyard. Is it fear or as I tell myself, I am being cautious not knowing who is around. Protecting my children at all costs. But am I overdoing it? I used to roam the streets exploring when I was a child. I was free. I loved it. It was a different type of community back then. I would know all my neighbours. We’d have bon fires sharing every joy, triumph and challenge and supporting each other. There seems to be less of that these days. Instead there is more TV, computer games and more forms of technology to keep us connected. But are we more disconnected than ever?

Joy to the World is playing now and I realise the Christmas and community spirit are far from dead. Mums and dads are chatting. They are sharing stories and sharing their lives. Life’s challenges are easier to confront when faced together with support and love. There are children making new friends with bonds being formed. We are trusting again and allowing ourselves to be free. Free from the fear. The community spirit might be less in some places but the more we allow ourselves to trust and make a new friend or help a neighbour the world will be better and let the community spirit reign.  

Friday, 12 December 2014


I’ll be honest, a new year scares me. I put so many expectations on it and when I don’t achieve them or versions of them I feel disappointment and let down. Next year I am going to do things differently. I am going to release myself from expectations and the pressures and make smaller goals.  Realistic ones. Something achievable with some way out there dreams too. After having a baby this year and learning how to embrace two children I had to loosen the grip on expectations of myself. Firstly, I’m going to take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and see how far I have come and where I hope to envisage the coming year.

Like most mums, every day has its challenges and it is constantly changing. I am a mother of two beautiful children. Faith who thinks hats should be worn all the time and Mr six months who is a busy boy but hardly ever without a smile. Faith has special needs. This year has been what we call ‘the year of communication’. We have seen her speech grow and her ability to communicate her needs, and definitely her wants. There were other areas I would have liked to have seen improvement but a big lesson I have learned mothering a child with high needs is to celebrate every step forward. Each triumph is going forward not stagnating or going back. Small steps.

This year we added to our family and what a joy it has been to have Mr six months join us. A blessing to us all with his placid and loving nature. There has been a lot of ‘firsts’ for us. We had cuddles moments after his arrival into the world and the simplicity of no medical intervention. The delight of how siblings relate to each other is magical. The loving looks and the sibling rivalry certainly has been useful for motivation and action.

Thinking forward, I want what all mums want and that is too see their children, grow, develop and reach their full potential. I am going to celebrate the small victories throughout the year starting with now, celebrating the goodness of the past year. We have all grown in numerous ways. The New Year has many amazing opportunities, fun, joy, becoming stronger through challenges and enjoy so many more blessings.  What possibilities it holds!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Sampling Freedom: Remote Control Car

'Let's move it'
'Everybody do it'
'Everybody move it to the left and right'

These are the words to the song that plays on this spanking new beauty. There are lights everywhere, twinkling like a carnival ride. There is a horn that has already had plenty of use bossing us around. 

We are yet to hook up a switch (button) so Faith can control the car by her hands. As soon as I can order one we will convert it. For the moment the car is controlled by remote with delightful squeals floating around the backyard.

We were pleased to discover the Squiggles seating system fits perfectly in place of the seat so we don''t need to modify the seating only the controls. 

What joy it is to see Faith be free, on her own seeing the world.