Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fundraising for a Car Modification - Can you help?

Faith going for a walk in the park in Armidale
happy days!
I have been a bit quiet on my blog as late as I am currently studying but I will return in a few short months.

Our big quest at the moment is raising funds to modify our car so that I can take Faith out and about. Wonderfully Faith has her power wheel chair and it is wonderful, but it is too heavy for me to lift in and out of the car (it is 60kgs plus). It is crucial for her back to be supported to slow the progression of her scoliosis so we are desperately raising funds so we can modify our car.

The cost of the modification is $6,880 and we currently have no funds for it. Since we have just raised so much money for her wheel chair there isn't many options left. We feel very blessed to have been able to purchase her power wheel chair.

If you have any ideas or know of any groups or organisations that might be able to assist I would greatly appreciate your comment or please feel free to email me.

It's hard asking for help but if you would like too below is our details.

Bank: The Greater Building Society
Account name: RJ Holland (Trustee)
BSB: 637 000
Account number: 720 378 256

You can contact me:
beckyjoyholland (at) gmail (dot) com