Sunday, 4 November 2012

Let's just do it!

We all have been working really hard on Faith's feeding program and after a week break due to Faith being so unwell and speaking to the speech pathologist on Thursday we decided that we should up the pace and see what we achieve as we don't want this NG tube anymore. So on Friday we began, first thing when Faith arises I give her a water bolus down her NG tube but thought why don't I try and get her to drink the water instead and then just put the remainder down. She took the water quite happily, not a huge amount but a start. Part of the change is programming not just Faith to eat and drink orally but also us. For over a year now we have been tube feeding and now I need to re program myself to push oral first and it is a big adjustment. I am excited about it and just want to get on with it. I thought to help us all get into a routine, we will have a 'normal' feeding time, water and eat together at breakfast, then at morning tea, I offer water again and she did really well, trying to lift her sippy cup to her mouth and when I wasn't looking tipped it upside down on herself. Cheeky monkey. 

Faith sleeps through lunch time so we skip straight to afternoon tea and I offer water again and eat with her and she seems quite fascinated, good I think. Late afternoon is the tricky time as Faith has her energivit formula and it does upset her tummy, so made us think about whether to increase her blended diet and try and remove the energivit formula in the afternoon. So, Friday evening we have a family dinner of tacos, self serve so Faith doesn't feel pressured, she plays enthusiastically with her plate but isn't that keen about having food on her plate. We have lit candles, the candle setting on our table has a tiny bird that appears to circle the tea lights so Faith knows dinners are special and a time for family. We only had one vomit on Friday and that was as soon as she woke up in bed otherwise she was fine. Faith really didn't want to brush her teeth so after she had done so very well with all the water we decided we wouldn't push her. Tomorrow is another day! So that begins day 1 of let's just do it. I look forward to tomorrow and how we will progress.

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