Saturday, 17 November 2012

The magic tree!

Just felt like writing a little story about the magic tree outside our window!

As I lay in bed, drifting in and out of peaceful sleep, I hear a voice from the big old tree outside, it is a soft song and for a moment I am perched on a tree visiting the voices and beings that live there, my eyes are misty so it is hard to make out shapes but I see brilliant colours, the first I see are the contrasting colours of black and white and a face that is kind and I immediately feel the peace that everything is going to be ok. Not far away I see two faces that are grey and white and I feel immediately transformed back to my granny and papa's home that is warm and safe, but far above nearly out of sight, I peer and shiver as I see darkness and black eyes shimmering, a place I don't want to be so I look away and not far below me is a small family tucked up in bed asleep, all safe and sound and now I feel sleepy and slowly ever so slowly I drift back to sleep where I dream...

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