Wednesday, 21 November 2012

21 Days of Gratitude - Day 21 - Gratefulness!

I can't believe that it is day 21 of 21 Days of Gratitude! It has been and still is such a good exercise and blessing to have a look at my life every day and find what I am grateful for. Since I started the 21 Days of Gratitude journey, I have looked at my thankfulness for friends, family outings, joy in rainy days, beliefs - faith, hope and love, a simple task to some but the joy being able to eat, celebrating my daughter being on a 100% blended diet and my garden. I know there is many more wonderful blessings of things, people and circumstances that I need to be more grateful for and share with those special ones how much they are a blessings to me. The last few days for our family have been quite challenging and will continue to be for a little while yet as we are preparing for our daughter to be weaned off her NG tube so there has been a lot of emotions and tasks running all over the place. But amidst the craziness of it all I can see my little girl getting stronger and more determined in her actions, saying no and learning to push things away she doesn't want and of course a learned skilled of vomiting up her NG tube. Of course, my husband helping us get what we need done to help her achieve this massive goal of becoming an oral eater once more. I am so grateful to have him by my side on our journey.

I hope that anyone who has taken a moment to read my blog has stopped to think what you are thankful for because there are many blessings all around us just have a look!

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