Friday, 9 November 2012

21 Days of Gratitude - Day 9 - Homeschooling

 Have you ever just felt inspired to act? I took my daughter to an early intervention program with so many hopes of what it could provide, new experiences, access to helpful therapists, meetings other children and guidance with how to teach my little girl activities that other children find easier. I stayed a year and continued to hope but though the people were lovely and friendly it didn't fulfill the needs of my daughter. Of course I read to her, sing songs, have sensory play, feeding programs, physio and that type of thing that she needs, but I wanted to know the best way to help her develop and those things do that but how was I going to incorporate a home school program into our already full schedule. I think homeschooling is wonderful, in my opinion it gives the mind more opportunity to develop and more scope for the imagination. I can say this to be true as I was home schooled and I loved it. Even before we found out Faith had special needs it was a path I wanted to share with her and my husband. I contacted different schools out of our state that offered homeschooling and basic preschooler programs but she is too young they say so where do I go from here, I just want to give her more. So I left it for a while just working on our other programs and there is plenty of them.

I subscribed to Carrots are Orange and each day I receive emails of different activities and outings that the author Marnie has been up too. I love getting her emails, there are so many great activities but some are too advanced for my little lady yet and in my mind I make a note of trying to adapt something similar for Faith but haven't got there yet. A few of my favorite emails were sitting in my inbox waiting to be read and this morning I read Homeschool 101, our morning routine, and I was inspired. What inspired me? well it was that Marnie has 2 little ones 3 and 1.5 years and her home school routine was so simple and just getting back to basics helping her children grow and develop with no bells and whistles. She had achievable goals and activities, and to me, it made me excited. Faith as yet doesn't have very good hand skills, they are getting better and so is her strength but it hurts me to say but we are very behind. She understands a great deal and is learning sign but Marnie's program gave me ideas on how I could incorporate a home school routine into our life. I think all I need sometimes is to see how other families manage life and I am excited about planning and implementing. Nothing big, but simple as that is all that my Faith needs. I can see it adapting already into our life. An there is nothing more Faith loves than books, music and singing!

There is nothing better than another mum's recommendation of books and I must admit I headed straight over to  The Book Depository and ordered I am the music man and The Ants go marching on, as I think Faith would enjoy those books immensely, I did slightly indulge myself with also getting The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule. I eagerly awaiting there arrival in my letter box! Until next time! 


  1. Thank you again for your sweet words! Don't you just love Marnie's blog? She is one of my favorites. :) She has one wonderful ideas and insights that are so helpful. We homeschool (we're only at preschool level right now) too and it is so much fun. Hoping you are able to integrate some of Marnie's activities and others in your new home school routine. :)

    1. Great to hear from you again and a fellow homeschooler too. I am really enjoying wandering around your blog that is so full of great ideas too. I love craft too, when I get the chance and look forward to having a go at some of your ideas on your blog. :)