Monday, 5 November 2012

Feeding, we can do this!

In the past with Faith's eating orally, I am thinking about this time last year when she wasn't having anything by her NG tube, we managed to get a good rhythm going. But then Faith would get sick, a UTI or it was just her and we would back up and be back towards more tube feeding. At this point, Faith has all her nutrients through a tube via a blended diet and some energivit formula. To keep the feeding program consistent it is so important but there are little hurdles that are challenging. For example, Faith is waking at 4:30am - 5am and she appears to have an upset tummy, there is crying and she vomits and then is ok some what. I can see she is tired and not really ready to face the day but she is unable to stay in bed so her days starts and so does mine. I am glad the birds are up first.  As previously mentioned we are trying to get her to drink water orally before every tube feed or meal time and yesterday was no different. Up when the birds are singing for the sun to hurry up. Faith happily drinks water and then I give her what she can't drink down the tube. She is sweating all over this morning but sometimes, well, quite regularly she does that, that is just Faith.

After her energivit formula feed she again has a tummy ache and is still sweating, I think it is her teeth as she is grinding them a bit. We have morning tea outside on the deck and Faith sits up and watches the world go by and she drinks water and curiously watches us eat. Afternoon tea goes pretty good too except when I do her tube feed she just vomits and she sweats all over, oh, please not a UTI but it could be. I am thinking surely not we have only had a week clear and what about her feeding program we are never going to make it if she just can't stay well, panic is in my mind and fear too because it is just such well known terriorty for us.

 So I plan a BBQ for dinner where Faith can watch her dad cook yummy food and at the same time see me prepare the salad and potato bake. I am concerned sitting Faith in her pram will just make her vomit if she isn't feeling well but we have to persist. She watches the world from her mat on the deck and watches an ibis fly over. Dinner time arrives and at the table she is fine, she doesn't want the plate or food near her but is very very content sitting watching us eat with the occasional drink and we talk about our day and she is happy. After dinner we take her outside and blow bubbles as the sunsets on yet another day. We reluctantly test for a UTI but it is inconclusive so will try tomorrow, I hope it isn't, I really do! Hopefully tomorrow will be the day we can try food on her lips again and I hope she is ready for it. We are aiming to do Faith's feeding program today and then again tomorrow as need to get back into the rhythm of it. Let's hope today is the today for Faith to have a positive taste of food. Until tomorrow!


  1. Hello Joy! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. What a beautiful blog you have for your little girl. Your words show just how loved she is! Thanks for your kind words. I have definitely enjoyed the past few mornings with God and look forward to our time this week. While I know I can chat with him throughout the day, that is the one time I can really listen and just BE with Him. :) What a blessing you are!

    1. thanks so much for your comment and visiting my blog, I love meeting new people and finding new blogs to read, I have been enjoying wandering around yours. :)