Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day 3 - No NG Tube - Increasing Volume

Emotions are crazy and I sometimes I wish I turn them off or even just suspend them for a little to have a break from them hitting me when I least expect it. I had a good cry tonight just overwhelmed with tiredness more than anything I think. We have only been in Brisbane a few days but feels like so much longer and the thought of going though great is daunting - going outside my comfort zone that has now been created her at our apartment. I plan to go home and recreate our little spaces for Faith with our encouraging words and pictures. Just because we are going home tomorrow doesn't mean it will all be easy from then.

We have seen improvement today with Faith drinking her blended diet, about 600mls plus which is wonderful we just need to keep working at more volume. She still doesn't want her spoon but that is something we can work on as we go, the big thing is just getting her drinking more blend and getting that weight back. Faith is so funny she gets frustrated and annoyed when we don't feed her at her fast pace. I have some lovely pictures of her covered in food and it is a pleasure to see and clean up. Faith is still quiet, sleepy and weak but getting less of those things each day. Her tummy is filling out instead of decreasing, though I wish mine would decrease, lol. I love seeing her get bigger slowly.

We, being hubby, speech pathologist and I had a team brainstorming session and nutted out different ideas and plans. Faith now has a a variety of cups for different drinks and she is can pick which ones she wants to use. We tried to go a bit more with what Faith wanted in regards to sleep and she had two two hour naps and was stronger and happier for them. Her routinue being completely changed she has to figure it out all over again.

We headed to Garden City Shopping Centre for some fun retail therapy and feed Faith in the food court and she watched the busy people and enjoyed people watching again. She was still quite tired so we headed back to the apartment for her 2nd nap.

Our biggest thing today was that we found uriates in her nappy, not a huge amount but it was probably just come through now since she wasn't eating much a few days ago and all the food she was eating flushed it out. Still didn't like seeing it though but a few hours later with another wet nappy they were barely there.

So overall Faith has increased the amount of volume she has drunk, more alert and playing in tiny amounts -  a high five, a wave and pushing over a few toys. We are getting there and tomorrow we go home without a NG tube.

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