Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Day 28 - NG Tube - Creeping upwards

I must admit I came pretty close to giving up yesterday and thinking should we just put the NG tube back in, but thankfully, hubby encouraged us to other ideas. Faith got to the point yesterday, Christmas Day and she was barely eating. We were questioning ourselves, what is causing this? Her swallow is fine, no signs of a shunt malfunction, no obvious signs of a UTI, what is going on? We could see Faith was really hungry but why wasn't she eating?

We shifted around her sippy cups and even tried a bottle, no luck. mmmm baffled. By the afternoon after her sleep we had Faith's nasal prongs off to give her cute soft cheeks a rest and her nose was running, and also her eyes were quite moist. Did Faith have a little cold and this is why she isn't eating? We gave her some panadol and laid her down on her cow pillow and put some water combination (purelyte, sugar, poly-joule and water), doing whatever we can to get nutrients and calories into Faith and squirted some into her mouth with a syringe into her mouth. Over afternoon she manged nearly 170mls of our water combo. I asked her if her throat was sore and she nodded. Was this the cause of her not eating. Only time will tell.

This morning we have seen a huge improvement with Faith, she has at least doubled what she had yesterday still not a huge amount but on the way up we hope. Giving her some panadol too and that is helping. Faith has been so much happier, playing and talking. It has been a much much better day. Just need to keep having faith that we will get there.

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