Sunday, 30 December 2012

Day 31 - No NG Tube - Brainstorming

I forgot to post this yesterday! So here it is

I must admit I thought we would be further along but I should know better considering Faith always like to do things a little different to the 'norm'. Yesterday morning I was happy that she had ate more than the day before and maybe we were turning a corner but afternoon came again and she didn't want to eat, only have some water/vitamin drink, trying not to get discouraged. But it is hard not too.

I was looking for ideas and ways to try and offer food differently to Faith and came across the following blog Tube Weaning - Graz Style, I have read it before but hadn't gotten all the way through. When reading I discovered they were syringe feeding pureed foods and we have been doing that with water and we were hesitate to do the same thing with pureed foods in case she got an aversion to the syringe, it was sort of our safety net for getting water/vitamin drink in.  I realised that we needed to take every opportunity for Faith learning to eat and so this morning I tried some pureed food through a syringe and it went ok, afterwards she actually took more food through her modified sippy cup so it is a help. I will keep offering the lovely collection of spoons we have. 

I have a friend who weaned her little one off a NG tube a couple of years ago but don't know anyone else who has been through such a journey or going through that journey now, I wish I did just so I have some one to talk to about what it is like for the parents and how they made it through each day. Oh, I just wish that each day wasn't so unknown with food, I can't tell from one day to the next what will happen with Faith's eating. Will she eat or not.

Maybe we need some more food play.

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