Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 - In Review

What a year it has been! There has been twists and turns, down roads and paths we hadn't intended but we have God willing made it through each second, minute and hour that lead into days and months. There were times when I felt I might just sink but here I am still going.

Some highlights of the year!

Faith hasn't been in hospital for over 13 months

Faith can now go without oxygen when she is awake. Yay!

Faith got her sting ray R82 pram and the squiggles standing frame

Another great achievement is Faith has halved the medication she takes and will soon be on none.
We sold our high set house and bought a low set house, now we can easily play outside and go out with ease. 

We also get to go to more social outings and play dates and that is WONDERFUL!

We have met some new friends and enjoyed spending time with old ones :)

The biggest news being that Faith has no NG tube and is eating orally, though still having struggles with eating, but we are making small steps forward and that is the most important thing. We have so many things to be grateful for and so many blessings. I wonder what great and wonderful things will be in 2013!


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