Monday, 14 January 2013

A Catch Up - Tube Free

It has been a while since I blogged, I don't usually leave it this long. The reason being is life has been quite crazy for us. The wonderful aspect is Faith is still tube free and is talking more (new sounds, that I hope will turn into words soon). It is a hard road feeding Faith, she still won't take food off a spoon or through a sippy cup, she insists it has to be through a syringe. It is much better of course than through a tube but hard work as she still doesn't eat a huge amount. I have to keep reminding myself that it is thought that tube feed kids are 30% overfed so I need to remember that. I always thought Faith was overfed from the moment she was born but as she was in NICU and I didn't get a voice in that regard, I just had to trust they knew best.

I can't believe it has been only just over 4 weeks, feels like months and months. Faith no longer looks like she is losing weight which is a wonderful wonderful blessing. Her tummy is filling out very slowly. Still haven't been brave enough to weigh her as by doing so it isn't going to change anything but stress me so I will wait a bit longer. Faith currently has a UTI so she has been feeling rather unwell and it has affected her eating but she isn't vomiting and that is a big blessing. The weather here has been so hot we haven't managed to get out, hiding away in our air conditioned comfort. Don't want to take a chance with Faith getting dehydrated. I know Faith would love to get out and so would I.

What is Faith eating? She is eating her blended diet with a few supplements added and some extra fruit puree to give it a yummy taste. She seems quite happy with it. She isn't that keen on tasting new foods but we are still trying. I really hope she will soon try some other yummy food so she isn't always eating the same thing. We are treating her UTI with antibiotics and starting doing in and out catheters just while she has the infection. If we do it all the time it increases her infection rate. Faith isn't eating much when we go out so that is a area we need to work on too. But for the moment we will just keep concentrating on eating and having fun.

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