Thursday, 20 December 2012

Day 22 - Tube Weaning - confused bubba

I found the below quote in a book I was reading today by Beverley Lewis and I wanted to share it with you.

'I am on a journey and sometimes it seems ever so long, still little by little, I'll find my way with the help of my heavenly Father. I can never go wrong by clinging to His hand'
Tuesday night came and we were worried Faith still hadn't eaten much, she was sleeping peacefully but still not wanting food. Was it the UTI? The antibiotic? We both went to bed in low spirits and anxious minds. Midnight came and Faith decided she wanted to eat again and she ate a lot more than usual yesterday which was great. But one big thing is that Faith seems confused with her yes and no, as sometimes when she is shaking her head answering no saying I don't want food or whatever but meaning yes so we managed to sneak a mouthful of food in and away she went eating and eating. She still struggles to eat in the afternoon. I think that is due to her rising early and then having her one and only nap from 9am - 12noon and then she gets too tired. It is a wonderful relief to see her eating again.

I wouldn't say we had a good night last night. Faith woke alot and even though I am more than happy to feed her if she is hungry, last night she just didn't know what she wanted. She would have some food and then decide no I change my mind. It was so confusing. As I knew she was hungry but couldn't get her to eat. As the night wore on we all got more grumpy and not knowing the best way to help her eat.

By morning we were looking at possiblities of what was now stopping her eating compared to yesterday. The only real change had been changing the colour of nuk sippy cup from blue to green. Surely that wouldn't be why? Anyway, this morning when I had put her back to bed and didn't know how to proceed and I said ok to her, little bug we are going to give you some food and then you can come back to bed. I picked her up and tried to put her in the stingray pram and she shook her head saying nah nah. So I said ok we will sit on the lounge then. And then she had a nice big breakfast in the blue nuk cup no green one in sight. She also had some water too. She was much more settled and I put her to bed and not long after she was asleep.

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