Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Time to try freedom!

Life is crazy busy. The reason I started this blog was an outlet for my mind to process my life with a darling daughter with special needs. For many reasons I have not been here but in the last year has been crazy with a huge amount of activity

 - Faith turned four.
- been out of hospital for over a year.
- gained weight. 
- become a big sister.
- taste food again for the first time in over year. It's a beginning.
- be regularly well, though those pesky UTI's are still around but better managed.
- start a support campaign to raise funds for Faith's therapy. 
- Start weekly speech therapy and continue with regular physiotherapy

The biggest moment was when Faith tried a motorised wheel chair for the first time. For a long time I lived in denial of Faith needing a wheel chair, of course, I knew she could not walk but I always hoped. Hoped for more. I still do. BUT, you know, when I saw her in this wheel chair, my heart melted. All the apprehension disappeared. For the first time in her life my little girl was independent - it was her "first steps". No longer was she a baby but a little girl longing to explore the world and see it for herself. Explore and not rely on others for everything. First, she went round and round hooray. The look of glee on her face. It sparkled like the stars. Happiness. The therapist took her out into the hallway and she took off - zooming down towards her daddy. Something beautiful seeing our little girl discovering freedom. Freedom brought on a whole new meaning. Faith as yet in unable to sit up or crawl so instead of being stuck in one pace given activities she could make choices of where she went and what she did. It brought her freedom from reliance on others.

Now we wait for another trial of the motorised wheel chair for her to again try her freedom...

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