Thursday, 20 November 2014

Believe in yourself

Each day holds goodness. I just need to see it. It might be a new word or a new strength. This time it was revealed in Faith's speech therapy. The speechy and Faith play various games. This includes using her iPad. Faith's mouth opened wide saying 'I'. She is yet to master 'pad' but with help from the speechy, she can. It has different games that Faith loves. They were playing a hair dressing game. Faith would wash the man/woman's hair, blow or towel dry it, colour, curl, trim or lengthen. So many options. She was shown how to use the game first and after a short time understood how it worked. She just couldn't get enough of it. 

I must confess I often underestimate Faith. More and more I am seeing more of her personality. She is a little girl who at times struggles to help us understand her meaning. Her communication is improving and excitement grows in me looking at how far she has come. Faith desires activities to match her developmental stage not her fine motor skills. We need to find ways and toys appropriate for her. Perhaps even one of those dolls that she could learn how to do its hair so it relates to her new game. This afternoon we were looking through some colouring and sticker books and I offered Faith a crayon. She took it not realising she needed to hold onto it to draw so she dropped. We repeated  this process and with me guiding her hand, she made a scribble. What a positive achievement. She is blossoming in the search for her self.

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