Friday, 28 November 2014

Patience is...

Patience is....
  • going with the flow when your kids decide sleeping at the same time is not ok.
  • in the middle of the night laughing not crying when the baby wakes and makes the older sister cry and continually waking each other until both collapse from exhaustion. 
  • realising that dust bunnies under the lounge isn't going to be cleaned any time soon.
  • Have a BIG sense of humour
  • the washing pile is never going to be small again and I'll never catch up with it.
  • generally not fun.
  • smiling when the kids are screaming in the car.
  • seeing the funnier side of life when everything is crazy.
  • accepting sometimes you can''t control everything.
  • taking small steps.
  • hope in yourself.
  • a day at a time, or divided into hours and minutes in our household. 
  • The most important for me is learning to love each season of life you are in even if there are challenges.
Patience is defined as 'the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. The Oxford Dictionaries


  1. Oh, how true this is! Patience is far from easy, but if we are going to survive Motherhood, we need to at least try to be patient-- and have a sense of humor!!
    ~Julia @ Frantic Mama

    1. thanks for your message. you are so right about having a sense of humor in motherhood. Life is more fun with it! :-)