Friday, 7 November 2014

The joy of being able to play

Being able to play on your own and being able to pick up objects or toys, being able to grasp is something I have taken for granted. To pick up a spoon or block or even throwing a ball. I would think these are tasks most of us would take for granted. It becomes automatic to hold items and hold my little ones hand but Faith has only learned to grasp objects in the last 12 months.

 I clearly remember the first real grasp she made. It started one night while watching TV. Faith picked up some coloured balls and dropped them again. She moved them around her seat. We were captivated. Months of intense physiotherapy and occupational therapy were paying off. Faith's sensory awareness was changing. She was changing. The next morning we were all eager to see if Faith could repeat this new learned skill. 

My husband and Faith were playing with the ball tower and hubby offered the red or blue ball to her. Out came her hand, fingers outstretched and like magic she took the small ball and dropped it half way up the ball tower and roll roll down down to the bottom. Faith was offered the ball and she accepted it continuing to pick up the ball and drop half way up the ball tower. Faith could play this game on her own or with others, another skill being developed. What a joy!

12months on and Faith has transferred this skill of grasping to so many different objects. Playing with balls, a favourite past time of hers, trying to give herself a drink, moving toy cars around, building and knocking down towers and learning to turn pages on a book. She will even touch sand and different textured objects. What a huge step from a little girl who clenched her fists most of the time not wanting to touch or hold anything. Faith has worked hard with her therapists to grow in this area. Now to help the right hand learn to grasp to help the left. 

Small steps in the right direction. 

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