Monday, 4 February 2013

Resources for becoming NG tube free - Cups and Spoons

It took us so long to get together all the different resources we used to help get Faith off her NG tube and to keep her from going back to it. We took her NG tube out on the 29th November 2012 and below is some cups, spoons and plates that is helping us in our journey of staying NG tube free. We have a amazing speech pathologist who supports us and provides us with so many of our resources. She is such a blessing to us. We have modified the spouts on most of the sippy cups and removed the valves so she doesn't have to suck as she isn't able to do that yet. Her favorite for a long time was the NUK cups in different colours, yellow, blue and green. We are still struggling to get Faith to eat from a spoon but we are working on it. She used a spoon for the first few days after we took her NG tube out and moved onto the sippy cups maybe because the spoon used to much energy and drinking the blend allowed her to get more energy and not use as much to do so.

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