Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pets as Therapy - Guinea Pigs

When I say pets as therapy, what is the animal you think of? The first animal that comes to mind for me, is a dog - loyal, faithful, man and woman's best friend but to me it is my 7 girl guinea pigs. They talk to me, they beg for food, they announce themselves when I am in the kitchen, hehehe, I want food too, feed me feed me. My piggies all have different personalities and they are all unique. Not only do they mow my back lawn, they eat my veggie scraps (and yes I spoil them with lots of other yummy food from the garden and the store), they welcome me when I return home, they like to party at night so when I am up with Faith they are there wandering around in their house ready for chat and a veggie. They are clean and I can teach them tricks so to me I think guinea pigs are great pets as therapy. 

Faith learnt to squeak from hearing the piggies squeak and I must admit I thought her first word would have been pig pig! lol Faith watches them pop corn in the back yard, run around eating and munching all day and then sees them resting in their indoor house. We incorporate the piggies into our lives and when I pat them they gurgle in pleasure (like a cat purring) and I love that I can have them around for Faith to enjoy and learn about having and caring for a pet.


  1. We had a couple of guinea pigs for many years. They were great most of the time. Now the children wish to have guinea pigs again - about the only pet I will seriously consider for now.
    Your last one looks to have special longer fur and I love the colourings of your middle one.

    1. Lovely to hear from you. Guinea pigs are great, so easy to care for and there is so many different colours. I only have two long hair ones and the rest are short hair. I am constantly giving the ones with long hair a hair cut. my guinea pigs were all from a guinea pig sanctuary, ones that had been neglected and then re homed so they can enjoy the rest of their life.