Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Keppra Weaning

For so long we have seen Faith on so much unnecessary medication and over the last year we have been weaning her off all these nasties. There was really not good reasons to put her on these medications, I think it was because the doctor's didn't know what else to do so they comfort the parents by giving more medications with the hope it will help the child but make the parents feel like they are doing something. Faith is down to one medication to get off and I must admit it yet again it caught me off guard of how it is affecting her. With each medication wean doing different things to her. We have started really slow, like with all the other medications, but Keppra is proving a little different.

For the last several night's Faith hasn't been sleeping very well and we have put this down to being on antibiotics and having a infection but it still seemed a little different than before as she didn't sleep much at all. She wasn't even sleeping during the day which is really unusual. What was causing this? Was she getting rid off her very valued day time sleep, surely not yet, please no. But after some research on the Internet we read several stories about kids being unable to sleep, some not sleeping at all for days. Hyperactivity and increased seizures can happen too. Thankfully Faith hasn't had any seizures of any kind but she never really had any anyway. Definitely seeing the hyperactivity, but that is ok as Faith isn't that active anyway and it has been more a good thing than a bad with her. 

So we decided to slow Faith's keppra weaning right down. It is so hard sometimes to know what is going on with Faith. She thankfully had a couple of sleeps today which is unusual so it is good we are stabilizing her wean. Faith also has a UTI again at the moment so she is on nitrofurtoin and that upsets her tummy, so I think that is contributing too. There are some wonderful positives, she is making more sounds with her babbling and trying to communicate more, she is attempting to reach for objects more than before and doing lots of copying. Amongst some dark clouds is some beautiful specks of sun of what is to come.

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