Friday, 21 September 2012

The fun in the garden!

A rose from our rose garden!
We even have a lemon tree!
Instead of our days spent inside the lounge room, wishing we were outside, we spend many more minutes and hours on the grass looking at the sun, clouds and the birds flying above, we watch the wrens busying themselves in the garden and the penny lizards scurrying around. There are dragonfly's and butterfly's, oh, how I love spring, new beginnings! We both get much more fresh air and sun, I think we even go out more since it is easier to get to the car. 

Faith has more spaces to play and look at different things. We have only been here 2 weeks and we have planted potatoes (she thought that was hilarious when digging the holes), corn seeds and lining the edge of the garden are pots with herbs and hopefully soon to plant some seeds of marigolds. I enjoy companion planting. It always seems to help and make the garden full smells and more textures. Faith lies on the rug, watching everything we do, other times she sits in her pram observing the world and taking it all in. 

The first morning in our new house when I was gazing with such thankfulness at the garden, a little blue wren landed not far away and was singing a sweet song. I wish I had my camera out then.

So many different varieties of flowering shrubs
We have seen a willy wag tail around and these are my favorite birds, they always seem to make me feel that everything is going to be ok, I don't know why, they just do. We have since discovered that this little willy wagtail lives in the big cool, leafy tree outside our window. The first night in our house and Eleanor was unsettled I think we woke him as he started singing and now each night he sits sleepily in his tree singing the night away or singing in his sleep. What a beautiful night song he has! During the day he lands near the window and sings his day song and we all admire him. I thank God for such blessing as the willy wagtail and his song.

Loving the raspberries
We started digging through the overgrown tomatoes and weeds and we found raspberries, I at first thought they were strawberries but tiny and then I saw the white flesh and had a taste and it burst with flavor, now Faith and I go outside and I eat the raspberries and she looks at me with intrigue of eating from the garden.

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  1. So exciting! How wonderful to have an established garden for you all to enjoy. The orange grevillea is a Marmalade Grevillea - so someone told me when I posted a photo of it from our local park.