Friday, 14 September 2012

Faith's feeding program - progress!

Last week when we went to Brisbane for Faith's sleep study we also had a appointment with the spina bifida association's speech pathologist. We couldn't fit the new pram in the car (need to get a bigger one for all the stuff) so we sat Faith in a corner chair and had a little table too. Last time we tried a corner chair Faith needed more head support than what it could give but this time after we strapped her in with some green lyrca she was fine, she liked it. We started Faith's feeding program, working our way through the food hierarchy and when we got to the avocado and I didn't even cut it up, she started rolling it around, mashing it in the other foods, she used it like a ball and she got quite vigorous with it. Faith was having fun!

Faith then waited for me to bring out different foods and mashed, squashed, squished and then she wiped her head and it went all over her head, it was great. Faith hasn't played with food for sooooo long. We can see the program working and it is exciting! Since we moved and there is so much change (an unsettled Faith at night with little sleep) we thought we would introduce family meals together. Last time we tried having dinner together she just got so upset and it became to stressful for everyone. Our new house has a outlook to the backyard where little wrens sing there songs and we feel safe in our little haven.  We have now had two family meals together and she has laughed at us while we eat, chatted, sung and looked curious, so it has been a success.

Family meals are part of Faith's feeding program as it is part of the transitioning process back to eating. It feels good to start this 'normal' activity. So Faith feels in control we have the food set out so everyone just serves themselves and hopefully then she feels no pressure, we also use white plates like in the feeding sessions so Faith doesn't get distracted. She isn't eating yet but we are on the right track to introducing food again. Each day Faith is taking a few sips of water, at first she shakes her head and I say, just a little bubba and her little tongue comes out for sip. Such a good little girl.

I am hoping we will have another feeding session either today or tomorrow as it has been  week since we had one and we are trying to work up to 2-3 times a week. I love seeing Faith get better and better...

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