Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Just some random nattering!

What a lovely day we have had! I love spring, trees and flowers are coming to life and the air, the air is scented with so many scents, I just stand there and breath it in. I look around and happiness and peace just fills my veins. I don't want to move, just stand there absorbing it all. Faith in her pram watching me garden, rearranging pot plants, planning future plants and soaking up the warmness of the sun on hidden winter skin. Faith has a snooze and I continue my wanderings in the garden and unpacking the random box when I dare to leave the sun and fresh air. After Faith's snooze we head to Bunnings to pick up some paint and yes, some herbs and veggies for the garden. Faith lies on the blanket looking out at the ibis flying overhead and the sweet songs of the wrens and willy wag tails.

Faith hasn't been herself since the blood test yesterday, she has huge bruises on her hands and looks tired. She has been vomiting more and this concerns us, she has been sweating and quiet as usually she chats and chats. We decide to do a test to see if she has the indicators of a UTI, we haven't done a catheter for several weeks and her wee smells and it is cloudy, the test indicated that she has a UTI, poor Faith. Amidst it all she is so brave, smiling when I be silly to entertain her and waving hi and bye to her grandparents. When we lived in the other house we were stuck inside as it was too hard to get Faith outside. Now we can lie her on the rug and she can watch the dreamy clouds and the noisy Rosella's begging for food. We garden and show her seeds and plants that have delicious scents, it makes her pale face smile and giggle. Faith is so much better than usual, the blended diet keeps her from vomiting too much and helps her maintain her weight as before when she was on formula feeds entirely, she would always lose weight.

Also, we haven't seen any neuropathic pain in a long time so maybe the complex regional pain syndrome is under control which is such a blessing. Things that make Faith giggle at the moment are things like everything beginning with the letter 's', it just makes her giggle and giggle. I love it. Now, we just need to get on top of the this latest UTI. Much better than this time last year when UTI's were an ever present trouble. Now UTI's are months apart. Now to start the antibiotics! 

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