Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Blood Test

So this morning we headed off to the local hospital for Faith's blood test, I really really didn't want to go but we thought it was a good idea to check iron, blood count that type of thing. It would be good to see how she is going since the last blood test she had was when she was sick last year. We have quite a lot of bad experiences at the local hospital from when I was pregnant and taking Faith there. They haven't been accepting of Faith's latex allergy, had no understanding of spina bifida or Arnold Chiari and didn't seem to want to learn. The children's ward didn't have staff who even new how to catheterize, they wouldn't listen on how Faith's medications were done or her formula, they at times ruined her special formula. Though some of the staff were friendly, there attitude changed if you didn't agree with them or questioned there actions. And to go back made it REALLY stressful, I'd been dreaming about it too, not wanting to put Faith through it again.

Our local pediatrician promised he would meet us there for Faith's blood tests since taking blood hasn't been successful elsewhere, he said he would be able too. After paperwork at admissions and heading to the ward, we arrived to find he'd just left 30 seconds ago and after they paged him, he wasn't coming back, I can't believe it! I know doctors are called to emergencies but from my understanding he just went back to his rooms up the road. This doctor, though friendly and helpful and he does support us but this isn't the first time he has let us down. I was trying to trust. They called his registrar and said that they had a skilled blood taker coming and I thought, ok we can try it. A couple of hours later, a friendly lady turned up and it turned she was the same lady who had tried for 3 hours last year when Faith was sick, all this time and energy wasted when we could have just gone to the pathology. Instead Faith was exposed to the children's ward and the adult hospital germs. And of course they had trouble getting the blood taken and on the 3rd attempt, they got a small amount and a bit more from another vein. But really was all this necessary, if the doctor had just kept his word. She was extremely distressed but not just that, not taking the latex allergy really that serious and then making a comment, oh, she is a challenge! I felt like saying that is why Faith was admitted to the hospital so we could get someone extremely skilled so Faith wouldn't have to be subjected to unnecessary trauma. One of the nurses even said she won't let me touch her hand, oh, come on, surely you would not to be touched after your help stick a needle into my hand bend it the wrong way.

Faith came home completely exhausted, dark circles under her deep blue eyes, numerous bruises, she went straight to sleep and slept for nearly 4 hours. Poor little thing. She still is quite quiet and not her self. I think what I find hardest is that I spoke to the doctor about our concerns of taking blood from Faith and our concerns about the hospital previously and he just 'forgot' us. It is good the test is done as we can then accurately figure out any dietary changes but I feel that there should have been an easier and less traumatic way for everyone involved. I am thankful to come back to our little calm, peaceful home where we can recharge and recover and hopefully forget.

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