Monday, 4 June 2012

Treasured Moments

It has been a hard week, a week I thought that wouldn't end and Faith's vomiting didn't seem to end either, but yesterday there was a light. Faith woke at just after 7am which is amazing as she always wakes around 5am and is unwell. What a lovely sleep. She woke relatively happy too. We ate breakfast and she was willing to play with food I would rub food on my lips and then on her lips and she was quite happy with that. No spoonfuls yet but it is a start. We even fed the animals together and I pushed her around the house in her pram. She loved it. When I reverse I say beep beep beep and she chuckles. So cute. She did have her usual vomiting and it distressed her greatly and sounded terrible. It threw her a lot which is quite understand and after her rest and feed she woke so happy. She was waving her arms around talking at her loudest voice. We were cleaning up the house as we had an open house, hoping someone would buy it bad sadly didn't. We headed out for a while and apart from a tantrum in the car because we stopped to get petrol she was dancing in the car, chatting and having a lovely time.

My favorite part of the day was in the afternoon, Faith had had a long sleep and she was wearing a pink hoodie and so was I. She put her arms up, which meant I want cuddles with a warm smile. I picked her up, she clung to me instantly and she looked up at me with her long eye lashes and big blue eyes and we went outside. I had some bubbles with me and started blowing them over the edge of the deck and she put her hands out to pop them and giggled. We did that for a while, but then, we just stood outside watching the rain dribble down and make puddles in the backyard hence the picture of the duck floating in one of the many puddles. Every now and then she would stretch her arms out to try and touch something and she would then bounce around with such happiness and contentment. I thought back over the previous week and felt so amazingly blessed for these moments. These are the moments we live for. Faith was happy, she had less vomiting, less sweating and was so much better. I then put both our hoods on our heads and she reached for mine and she said hat hat and then pulled hers off. We spent the next 40minutes sitting on the swinging chair with her chatting and dancing while we sang some songs and enjoyed be snuggled up together on a cold rainy day. I didn't want the moment to end.

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