Thursday, 14 June 2012

A drive in the country

I love a drive in the country, I love stretching my eyes, discovering new things and being able to talk with my husband and spend time together as a family. We have always gone exploring exploring old places and finding new and up until now it hasn't been a regular activity as Faith has been too unwell and didn't travel well. But at late she has been better and we have been much more confident, and when the oxygen cylinder appears she says car car, the arms go up and she is ready to go out. As I am putting her in the car, organising the oxygen bottle and doing up her seat belt, she waves her hands, and looks excited. I love it. This particular day it was raining, one of those days that I usually snuggle up inside and don't venture out. We had to cancel our normal Sunday activities as there was so many coughs and colds around we couldn't take the risk of Faith getting sick. So out on the road we went. Packed food, a thermos of tea and it was time for adventure. Faith was ready for a sleep by the time we left but fought sleep as there were to many trees and puddles to look at and music to sing to. She read her book, stared aimlessly out the window and told us stories of what she saw, though only some clear words came out.

Of course there is always a little drama, I peered at Faith, playing peek a book as we drove along and said to my husband, Faith's NG tube looks longer than usual but I think it was the angle so turned back around. Later, I played peek a boo again and Faith giggled and smiled this time I said to the other half, ok you need to stop, too late I just finished pulling the tube out as it Faith has carefully pulled most of it out already. Faith had had her lunch tube feed, so I packaged up the ng tube and started the car and off we went with a very happy Faith with no NG tube. She looked quite happy with herself.

Let me share our drive in the wet, rainy and misty country....

Nimbin Rocks
Clarry Hall Dam

A secret place near Clarry Hall Dam


  1. A wonderful day out. Nimbin Rocks look mystical in the cloud and I love your secret place photo!

    1. It was so nice to go out for a drive, the weather was so rainy and pretty. so nice to hear from you again. :)