Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Blended Diet...the beginning

So we decided it was time to start the blended diet, we decided to start with a baby food that would go smoothly down Faith's tube. Chicken and sweet corn baby food sounded like a good start and I had it sitting in the cupboard. We knew from when Faith ate last that she could tolerate most fruits, vegetables and meats. I just added some zymil milk to make it less thick and it went down with ease. As we are just checking Faith can tolerate different foods we are leaving all the formula feeds alone and just changing the way we give the zymil milk. Even just after a few days we seem to have success as she has less sweating during the day and has reduced vomiting. The biggest challenge is that Faith has overnight feeds and by the morning she vomits shortly after rising and then it goes from there with more vomiting and more distress each day being different. We found it tricky trying to figure out the best way to move forward.

A couple of night's ago something really annoying happened, we started Faith's overnight feed as usual and when we checked it some hours later the second cap had popped and thus the feed had leaked out through the tube and onto the sheets and through the mattress. So frustrating but it did prove something. Faith slept longer, she woke happier and didn't have vomiting straight up, she tolerated some blended foods going down her tube. The next morning when her feed had been running all night she vomited as usual and couldn't tolerate food for a few hours. So last night we ran an experiment we gave her some blended soup, the first go with the Vitamix, that we had for dinner.  Later on we gave her a big formula feed with no overnight feed. In the morning, she slept until 6:45am, woke happy and tolerated blended food down her tube and just managed to cope with the formula a little later. She has had reduced sweating, no vomiting so far, is very happy and more inclined to interact with people. 

This is exciting. We are just in the early early days of the blenderized diet and we can see a remarkable improvement. By the way, our Vitamix Blender arrived and it is just as good as we have been told. I love it. But what I think is most amazing and special is after the last few weeks of Faith's increased vomiting, she is better today and I will grab every moment that is good as they so precious, those squeals of delight, dancing, covering her face because she is shy and wanting to play and interact, these are the days I love.

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  1. Must be satisfying to be making progress, even if the process is messy and a little trial and error. Wonderful to have some good days with Faith.