Friday, 18 May 2012

Mother's Day

Mother and daughter project
Faith decided that we should definitely be up early so she awoke around 5am, way to early for me but not for her. The sun hadn't even peeked its head up and the street lights were still on. Home is a wonderful place. Home is defined as the place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household. But to me a home is where I am with the people I care about and a place I can hide away, feel safe and a place where I am loved. A sanctuary! So when the early winter sun did decide to peek its head up and warm my cold toes. We saw the beginning of a new day. I know it is like any other day but it feels a tad more special being Mother's Day. This year we are home! Not in a hospital but home together as a family. I like this.

When the early morning mist has turned to warm sun, we make our way out onto the deck to bathe in the sun and do some drawing together. Faith is still unable to grab a crayon but each day we get out the crayons and paper and we draw, I put her little dimpled fingers around the crayon and scribble. She smiles and sometimes gives me a chuckle of enjoyment other days she pulls her hand away. She can be so texture sensitive sometimes. Today she smiles and we do an outline of each hand and make a drawing for Granny. We have also made a hand painting. A printed tree and her hand prints are the branches. Very cute! I did the colouring and Faith did the hand prints. A great treasure to have.

I love these quiet days when there is not much on and we can all cruise around home not doing much. We spend much of the day outside on the deck enjoying this beautiful early winter days weather. I get to see my mum, giving her Faith's drawing and a little pressie from me. It is good sometimes to be forced to remember aspects of our life that we are thankful for. As sickness or just busyness can overtake life and special days like today we are forced to stop and a take a moment. I am very thankful for my mum and hope to be just as good mum and friend as she is to me. Though our day still has Faith's 'normal' vomiting we adapt and the sun goes down on a clear blue sky and the crisp air arrives and I realised that this Sunday has been peaceful and I love it.


  1. A wonderful Mothers Day! Definitely much nicer spent at home than in hospital.

    1. yes, a lovely day. I hope you got spoiled too :)