Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My girl did it, she shook the shaker and didn't let go!

We are sitting in a semi circle. The air is heavy. The music is playing and the kids of all ages are shaking bells and egg shakers. Babies are crawling around investigating everything. Mr nine months is bopping to the music occasionally sucking on his instrument. I offer Faith the egg shaker and she usually picks it up and drops it. I then catch it and we play this game over and over. Each week at music group I encourage her to hold it and shake it but she smiles and drops it. Her strength in her hands limited but improving. But today, the momentous day, she holds the egg shaker and shakes five or six times. A deliberate shaking action. Shake shake shake in time with the music and she drops it. She looked so proud and satisfied. For that moment, I didn't hear the music or the kid smash the bells into many pieces and the babies crawl towards the many shattered pieces I was soaking up this small, no HUGE victory of progress. I wanted to shout to the world, "my girl did it, she shook the shaker and didn't let go".

Each and every day I marvel at the beauty and ability to hold a pencil, feed myself or hold the hand of my son and daughter. I can turn the page on a book, type on this computer and my fingers just respond at my command. Every moment is a gift and every success whether big or small is a victory and worth telling the world. 

Whether or not others found this interesting, it was all I could talk about or think about all day. It made my day glow with happiness. What made your day glow with happiness?


  1. I teared up a bit reading this, and I rarely cry when I read. What a beautiful moment. I love picturing her smile proudly when she did it :). That's just awesome.

    1. I love receiving your messages. I am so delighted when Faith progresses at long long last. :-)

  2. Aww, this one made me cry too. That is so wonderful! (I've been reading backwards here, catching up!)

    I think I know what you mean about appreciating small gifts. I am always surprised and gratified by the simple wonder of things we take for granted - flowers opening, the complexity of our bodies... it's amazing, it truly is.