Monday, 23 March 2015

Confession: I never realised I'd cry

In the last few days we went to a fundraising event that raised money for local children with disabilities. I had found out about this charity from a friend. We had never been to a general fundraising event that had the possibility of assisting us. It was a new experience. We were running late and arrived towards the end. The four of us were heading towards where we thought the event was and then we heard talking through a microphone. Instantly we stopped. What we heard was something like this, "We thank you for coming today and raising money for these kids. When you don't have the ability to move around on your own or be independent a wheel chair can make a difference, or when you need money for therapy, these are the things that matter to these kids and we thank you". My heart skipped a beat as the crowd was silent. To see so many people come together to help local kids in need. To give their time, support from their business and pay an entrance fee to be part of the event. All to help kids they don't know. It is truly inspiring and encouraging. 

We wandered in and it was one of those moments where there is complete acceptance and kindness. The organiser of the event welcomed us with words of encouragement and thankfulness for us attending. When it was us that were thankful for even considering helping us in raising money for Faith's wheel chair. When you have a child that is unwell a lot and you receive many questions sometimes challenging ones from strangers it can be confronting, but here, it wasn't. There was care and genuine concern. The words were ones like "what is this little one's special need" or "doesn't she look good for what she has been through" or "doesn't she have lots to say" when they can see she struggles with speech. There is so much good in people, in strangers that become instantly friends. I met some dear people that day and even though I might not remember all their names I will never forget the kind words and encouragement. It is those moments tears sneak up on you with such gratitude and love. Sometimes that is all you need to press on.

If you want to check out the event here is the web address The Board Meeting


  1. Wow, how wonderful that the experience was so great for you and your family. I hope you are able to get assistance with a wheelchair-- I'm sure they are so expensive. I was just thinking about you b/c have you seen this call for submissions at Monkey Star Press? I thought it might be a good fit for you :).

    1. We are just over half way in raising money for the wheel chair. We have ordered it so that is very exciting! Thank you for the link to Monkey Star Press, will check it out :-)