Monday, 30 March 2015

All things hats!

It is not uncommon to find us with hats and sunglasses on at six o'clock in the morning. It will be dark and we have the lights on but Faith will say 'mama hat' or point to the hats. 

Faith's fascination with hats begun a few years ago when we were on a picnic with family. We were reading a book about Play School and looking at a picture of a blue hat with a yellow flower on it and then there was 'hat'. Hat is still the favorite object and word.

Faith loves hats. If you want to make her smile, wear a hat. Today when she went for a walk with her grandparents and they watched tennis, she apparently became quite offended when the boy playing took off his hat.

The most serious argument at our house is 'mama hat' 'da hat'. The answer isn't always yes and there are tears. Faith's big blue eyes well up and out come these huge tears that she carefully wipes away.

All things hats make Faith happy and at times help her make new friends.

I must admit I am the one to blame as when I was young I had a big collection of various shapes, colours and styles of hats.

Next time it's raining and overcast spare a thought for those of us wearing hats and sunglasses inside. Enjoy you day!

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