Monday, 15 October 2012

Yay for the physio! Progress!

I have been trying to get to the computer to write a blog for days and it just never seems to happen something catches my eye or I forget what I was doing, and other times I have the blog post all written ready to print out of my brain then other days my brain is nearly on overload so I can't seem to write anything. Even when I am pressing escape escape and my brain isn't responding. At last I have few moments while Faith is having her one sleep of the day. I am composing a list of tasks I need to achieve today and more and more keep getting added but I decided to just stop for a minute.

We are thankfully just plodding along, it is good when days just roll by and there are no trips to the hospital. We are still seeing a physiotherapist every two weeks now and we saw her last week and she said she saw improvement too. Faith's legs are moving more and she can see strength building which is such a blessing, we have seen her strength increasing but usually when we get near most professionals Faith doens't want to entertain just hide and pretend, you can't see me. We have been using the squiggles standing frame and Faith loves it, she holds her head more freely and is so happy. It hasn't been checked by a physio so for the first time packed it up into our updated car and it fits beauitfully, it wouldn't have fitted in the other car and I could even take the pram too so that it great.

The physio was happy with how Faith stood in the standing frame but thought her AFO's and leg wraps needed to be upgraded as they were too small. A sign she is growing. A job for when we go back to Brisbane in November. Faith did amazingly, apart from standing in her standing frame, she practiced rolling, and lying on her tummy. She did really well at all the tasks given to her. It did require some encouragement from using the ipad and listening to music. But whatever it takes to help her along. Life it seems is calming and I couldn't be more happy.

We were sent home with excersies to keep the progress going.

In the standing frame we are to move Faith into a more upright position for a short period of time to get her hips and bones into the right place. We can still use the angled position until she gets use to it as she tends to breath a bit more deeply so it requires her to work harder.

We are also to encourage her to use her arms above her head when in the standing frame and make sure we give even attention to each arm.

Continuing on with Faith's side lying and getting her to reach for objects and then getting her to roll onto her tummy and placing a towel under her arms. Also, get her to move her head from side to side so strength again builds.

Thumb stretches, as Faith has been more inclined to make fists and try and play with fists. She is using her fingers more but we still have to say, fingers, Faith use your fingers. Her thumb is coming across the palm of her hand a bit much so we just have to do some simple excerises to stretch it so she doesn't need to get hand splints. That is now incorporated into play so she doesn't even realize. There are so many aspects to work on but it is working and we are all getting there.

Overall we are making progress and it is exciting! 

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