Wednesday, 17 October 2012

At last a local Occupational Therapist

Since last December 2011 we have been on a waiting to list for Faith to get assessed to see if we qualify for funded occupational therapy. We have had meetings at our house, filled out paperwork and then a month or more a go we find out that the funding for this program has been axed so no chance for OT services. How disappointing! But later are told that this state department partly funds another organisation and they are able to send some clients there and they have OT services, but yet again another waiting list! 

In the mean time we investigated private options and eventually got an appointment (when I could get the lady to call me back), the lady was nearly an hour late and I was trying not to let this influence my first impression, when she did turn up, she was ok but implying that we should do lots more use of the ipad, which I think is ok, but Faith needs to learn other activities not relying on the ipad. She did suggest a few helpful things but overall I didn't really feel she listened. This was later proved when after 6 weeks or so we receive her report and her bill and she got so much information wrong, she didn't listen, she firstly spelled Faith's name wrong, all the details surrounding Faith's food aversion and what skills she does have she missed completely. It was rather a disheartening report. Most of the activities she said we should work on she could already do! So not an option to go back. A bit disappointing!

A few weeks ago we got a phone call from the organization that is partially funded by the state government and said that Faith could now receive services from them, yay! The lady sounded really nice and we made an appointment for the following week but something happened and it was rescheduled to last week. It went really well I think. They make goals and then work on them according to importance which is great. We also met their speech pathologist and she is going to give me a hand learning Boardmaker. So I look forward to future appointments to see how they can help. Our biggest goal is to help Faith learn to grasp objects and increase her skills with her hands. So we shall see!


  1. Just been reading a few of your posts, and my thoughts are with you. Your patience and hope are inspiring.
    Love, Jan

    1. Hi Jan, wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for your encouragement, I just do what I can to help my little girl grow and prosper. Hope you are going well, you have been in my thoughts and prayers.