Friday, 10 August 2012

My Birthday

A sunny trip to the beach
Here I am , I turned 31 today, wow! When I write it down it seems so much more older than when I think it. I have always loved birthdays, my mum and dad spoiled me with parties and being surrounded by family and friends. The pool cake was my favorite that my dad decorated. What precious memories to have. Faith picked up a cold and as first I thought, this isn't too bad but it has turned out to be not very nice. With the oxygen nasal prongs and NG tube it is making it quite hard for her to manage her running nose and I would think a sore throat. The cold struck quite suddenly on Monday afternoon and she slept most of the day yesterday and seems to be doing the same today. It is horrible. I feel so helpless. Faith has not really had a cold/flu before so this is new to me. I was hoping we would have a lovely day together on my birthday but instead she is sleeping and sleeping. I decided to take her to the doctor this afternoon as her eyes are quite red and runny not sure if she has conjunctivitis too. In between making sure Faith is comfortable and as happy as can be with being sick, my husband and I are going to have a quick lunch together and then hopefully if Faith is well enough go out to dinner tonight in Byron Bay.

It has been a few days since I wrote the above and Faith ended up sleeping for 3 days with a few short minutes up to change her clothes and refresh her a bit.  A week later she still sounds so rattling, she doesn't have a chest infection thankfully and the doctor didn't think she needed to be in hospital as she has oxygen, an NG tube, we were pumping the fluids through and we were montioring her oxygens levels and her temperature. She has been getting better quite quickly since she just spent so much time sleeping.

Even though my birthday was spent back at 2 hourly feeding Faith, it was still a special birthday, I got remembered by friends and family and two lovely meals out, no washing or drying up. I even got a sleep in, a rarity in our house. This year we didn't up in hospital with Faith even though she had a bad cold, it wasn't anything more. Though I was scared it was going to happen but it is still a birthday to remember with fond memories!


  1. Happy birthday Joy. So glad you could celebrate your birthday, even with Faith being unwell. I've been reading a little about Faith and your journey. Your faith in God really shines through the highs and lows. Faith is so blessed to have you, just as you are to have her!

    Lovely to "meet" you through my blog.

    1. Hi Julie, thanks so much for your comment, it is great hearing from other bloggers :) lovely to meet you too.