Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Faith's Approach to Feeding - 1st Session at Home!

Our first session for Faith's approach to feeding was with the speech pathologist and she showed us and gave us all the necessary information to run the program at home and we catch up once a week either via facetime or telephone.  We had planned to have a go last weekend but we all caught a bug and it got put off.  At last yesterday, I spent the morning organizing the 14 foods, took me a while and then I printed off our session goals, food hierarchy, food awareness and evaluation sheets. We had our food in separate labeled clear containers, white plates, white napkins and we were ready. To give you an idea of how it works,  
  • Goals are made
  • Sensory preparation to ensure Faith is in the best sensory space
  • Transition from sensory preparation to table
  • Everyone at the table
  • Blow bubbles
  • learning about hygiene
  • Feeding - slowly going through all the foods, smelling them, playing with them, we are not asking Faith to eat the food at this stage we are looking for tolerance and acceptance of the food. Food is friend not foe. Lots of positive reinforcement for Faith.
  • Clean up routine
  • Transition from table to next activity
  • Review of session etc.
There is lots more in the session but that is just to give you an idea. The session went so well. We sword fighted, decorated, squished, squashed, mashed and made hats with the food. We didn't make a fuss, we talked to Faith, placed food on her plate and showed her how to play with it. Half way through she gagged a bit and then picked up and by the end poke food and put her hand on the strawberry. She hasn't touched food by choice since her food aversion developed so that is very exciting. It is alot of hard work preparing but she is so much further along with food now and the effort and time is definitely paying off. We have written our notes and look forward to our next session in a week.

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