Friday, 16 January 2015

The Ipad is amazing and terrible

An iPad is a source of enjoyment, learning and entertainment. For my daughter it has brought many opportunities. Her learning has soared and she has hours of delight playing games and playing learning games. 

The iPad gave us the ability to learn more about our her. As she is unable to hold toys except for her left hand and limited play on her own, the iPad showed us she can problem solve, learn very quickly, communicate and have enormous fun.

The iPad can be terrible some days, creating a cranky and loud girl. The first thing in the morning she'll say "I" and sound out "pad". If she doesn't get her way the bottom lip emerges and the biggest tears fall down her cheeks. The screaming begins. Be strong I tell myself she doesn't need it all the time. I give her some books and she pushes them to the floor. I try another toy and she turns her head away. Tears flow but I am usually strong in my resolve. Eventually she will point to the books and examine the pictures, chatting to herself. 

The iPad is wonderful in teaching Faith so many more skills and gives her more opportunity to interact. But, beware it can cause some tantrums. So we find a balance. The joy of being able to lock the iPad in a application is a lifesaver.  Faith then can only access her communication app so it's only used for talking not playing. 

Then there are days when faith doesn't want the iPad and I like those days as we do much more. 

Faith's Top Games

Play School Play Time - a free app in the app store

Toca Boca Hair Salon 2 With Faith as the hair dresser you can come out with blue hair or shaved off completely

Toca Boca Kitchen - Beware when Faith is around you might end with a fish smoothie

We are always on the look out for education apps, so if you have a favorite please share.


  1. Oh, yes, the blessings and the curses of modern technology! My 2 y.o. daughter is obsessed with playing with my phone, and while it can come in handy and calm her when we are having to shuffler her older brother around, it can also cause tantrums if I tell her she has had enough for the day. If we get an Ipad, I will for sure check out the games you suggested! My 4 y.o. might be more ready to play some of those than my 2 y.o. though :).

    1. Isn't it great how technology can calm a child and they become lost in it. Thanks for stopping by. :)