Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Weather Week

This week it is weather week so in her bag of goodies we have:

  • a rainbow xylophone
  • a rainbow winkle
  • different coloured building blocks
  • Book - Sign & Singalong - Twinkle Twinklle Little Star by Annie Kubler
  • Book - Sign & Singalong - Incey Wincey Spider by Annie Kibler
  • Book - The Play School Rainbow Book
  • Book - Rain Rain Go Away by Caroline Jayne Church            
  • Lamaze - musical flowers.
  • We talked about rain and how it helps plants grow.
  • We talked about the sun and how it helps the plants grow too.
  • I also planned craft activities for the week - making clouds, sun and rainbow - Faith loved this, she touched, giggled and loved this activity. So pleased. All I used was A4 card stock and strips of coloured paper, then glued on to the cotton wool balls. Lots of fun.
  • Windcatcher - An old tin, covered in teddy bear material that Faith picked and strips of ribbon, perfect to catch the breeze
  • Umbrellas and rain drops - I asked Faith about rain, where does rain come from? Do you like rain? what does rain do? We sing songs about the rain. I just used coloured pipe cleaners, cup cake liners, coloured markers and coloured paper. Quick and easier.
Pinterest has so many great ideas and a good place to find inspiration. We only used materials, toys and books we have at home and it is amazing how much we have ready to use. Faith is exploring more and I love seeing her slowly progress.

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