Saturday, 6 July 2013

All things green week!

It has been so long since I have posted a blog. I keep thinking about it and it just doesn't happen. I have just been managing to get myself through each minute and second but I wanted to share some fun activities we have been doing.

We had a trip to Brisbane last week, hubby had a course to attend, so we kept him company exploring Brisbane city while he was at the course. While we were away we played and learned about all things green.

With so much going on it is sometimes hard to know what fun things to do with Faith. Faith's speech pathologist suggested we make up a bag of her toys for each week and pick a theme. Then, we can help her speech develop and learn something new each week.

In Faith's week of green fun activities we had:

  • Book - Spot Bakes a Cake (it has a lovely green cover) by Eric Hill
  • Book - The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle   
  • Book - Sign & Singalong - Teddy's Bear, Teddy by Annie Kubler
  • Book - Frogtastic!
  • The Ants go Marching 
  • A green frog puppet
  • Three bunnies in a green basket
  • Green balls
  • Green lyra material
  • Green cars
  • Green pretend fruit
  • We include flash cards too.
The plan was to do some craft but it was a bit hard to do that away. Will do that with our next themed week. We did look at what green things we could find in the city.

We are finding this technique is helping Faith's speech and learning. Along with expanding our skills in key word sign we hope we will be able to better understand Faith's needs and wants. She understands so much we just need to keep those small steps forward.

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