Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A late night thought!

My day basically started just after midnight and while I was attempting to go back to sleep when the small opportunity arose, I was thinking a lot about faith. Faith as believing in something unseen and great. What is faith to me? Well to start with, Faith, our daughter, is named so as when we found out that she had spina bifida and Arnold Chiari ii malformation it is what brought joy and happiness back into our pregnancy after such sorrow and despair. It is what kept me going day after day of Faith endless trips a interstate hospital and numerous surgeries, it is what gave me hope to continue when days were so dark I felt I could not see. It is when I questioned everything about my life, my self, including my past, present and future. It is moments when I didn't understand and still don't. It is trusting in my God that though I don't understand why my life took this directional change that by having faith in God I can make it through. I guess it comes back to this world being full of sin and pain and until our Lord Jesus returns and restores us pain and suffering will still be happening. I am not in a perfect world I can only have faith that my Lord to give me the strength and courage to face challenging days, to find joy, goodness and beauty around me and to appreciate the little things.  To be so very thankful for my husband and daughter.

Faith had a bad night last night and has had a hard few days we don't know why it just happens. We check all the usual suspects, UTI, shunts, teeth. These are the times I need to rely on my Saviour to help me through and sustain me as I have no strength left and tiredness over takes me. After a long night I went out to morning tea with a friend (I was reluctant as I was tired), it was so refreshing. We drunk tea, ate and talked of our families, we talked of books and it was fun. We shared common interests and I know that it gave me what I needed to continue on through the day, to be renewed, a little nourishment to keep plodding on and we all need that at different times...

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