Sunday, 8 July 2012

5 weeks on a blended diet!

Wow, what a 5 weeks! We have seen Faith go from struggling to gain weight to Faith gaining 300grams in two weeks. How exciting! She is looking chubbier and is stronger. We seem to have vomiting down as well, once a day! It has taken a lot of adjusting the blended diet and we are still adjusting and trying to find the right balance. We are nearly 50% blend to 50% formula, that is exciting. 

We are introducing more foods for example, last week we introduced flax seed oil, it has so many wonderful health benefits and she is tolerating it, so that is wonderful. Now we have moved onto introducing molasses, we usually introduce a new food over about 7 days as Faith has such a sensitive tummy we didn't want to rush it. We are trying to get more fibre into Faith's diet as up until the blended diet there hasn't been any in her diet due to using formula. It is all about balance. Each night we have been giving Faith a probiotic as we want to get the good bugs back into her tummy. She is waking happier most mornings and sleeping so much better. I am loving having more sleep but I find the more sleep I get the more I want. So funny. Faith generally has a couple of hours sleep during the day too waking only when formula is running so I look forward to having even less formula in her diet.

To give you an idea how our menu is progressing this is what we are currently working on,

  • brown rice
  • wholemeal bread
  • avocado
  • sweet potato
  • carrot
  • banana
  • pear
  • apple
  • apricots
  • full cream milk
  • slow cooked roast beef
  • flax seed oil
  • molasses
Not a bad diet for a almost two year old. We rotate the ingredients but as we are still introducing different foods we are a little more careful. We are trying to increase potassium, fiber and iron but not too much more protein as that tends to make Faith a little constipated. We would like to add ingredients like dates, tahini and barley but will do it slowly. It is so nice knowing Faith is eating real food and we can see so many improvements. There are so many steps forward for Faith this year it is wonderful to see. Faith is showing more interest in food too. Opening her mouth for water and being interested in food when we are eating but still shakes her head when offered but we will get there. Our nutritionists is giving us good advice and support. 

I must admit that my brain is quite full of information and things I need to do and some days I think how am I going to get all things extra things done with Faith so that she can move forward even more. But somehow I do get there, but there are tears on my behalf with my brain being overwhelmed and thinking how can I manage it all but I do, even though I sometimes feel like I am not getting there. A sense of failure does appear but I know it isn't failure as such but more about me wanting to get more done with Faith and reading more so I can do more. Patience and some more patience...

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