Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Words can hurt, words can heal - The Huffington Post

The reason I write is in the hope that I can somehow help others and connect with people. So I am always happy when I can share my stories outside my blog.

Today, The Huffington Post is sharing my story on Words can hurt, words can heal, please feel free to share my story!

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Words hurt, they come back at me when I am tired, depressed, sleep deprived or struggling with a hard, long day. Those days that you feel it is impossible to continue but you do and wonder how on earth it was possible. The guilt I feel that I could have done something to prevent my daughter’s disabilities or my son’s minor health challenge (now fixed) haunt me. I would do anything to fix either challenges and I do. It is late at night the words sneakily return and disable reasoned thinking.  The ceiling becoming a notice board for my thoughts all pushing for my attention. “Could I have done more?” Then, I tell myself “don’t torture yourself” but I still do over and over again. Continue reading

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