Monday, 6 April 2015

4WD Trip - Loving the outdoors

Washpool Creek, West of Baryugil
We have been fundraising for Faith's power wheel chair for several months and we have been blessed, amazed and astonished at how the fundraising has progressed. We are currently just over half way. Our church family held a ladies French breakfast fundraiser and it was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun. I had the honour of sharing our journey with Faith. I have never spoke at a function like that before and it was me who felt blessed to share our story.

Faith still plays the movie of herself in her 'test' drive of the power wheel chair. It is exciting watching how far she has come in 12 months. She now asks for the power wheel chair with Proloquo2go (communication app) app on her Ipad. We then tell her it is coming and she cheers. We wouldn't have seen this 12 months ago.

Faith loves being free and exploring. Here are some pics in her current mode of transport. It doesn't support her much anymore but she loves exploring in it just the same. Faith has been everywhere in that stroller and she has had loads of fun but Faith is ready to be a big girl and explore on her own. We took her down to the creek's edge and sat her on a rock dipping her toes in and having a splash. It was a bit cold but she was very content. We all love taking a road trip.
We love our Nissan Xtrail.
crossing at Washpool Creek, West of Baryugil

Top Plains Road Clarence River


  1. Oh, I hope you are able to get the rest of the fundraising completed soon. How exciting that she is also so excited for it! :) How old is Faith now, by the way?

    1. We are hoping the rest of the funds come in for the power wheel chair really soon. It's hard waiting but we have come along way quite quickly. Faith is four, will turn five in July.

  2. Looks like you are all having a lovely break! Love to you all x

    1. Hi Emily, it was such fun to get away for the day. Thanks for stopping by.