Sunday, 22 February 2015

What really does compassion mean to me?

Compassion is one of those words that is easily thrown around. But it is a word full of so much meaning. I don't think I really understood what the word compassion really meant until I became a mother. It was as if right up until that moment everything I had done, suffered, learned, tried and experienced was preparing me for becoming a mother.

I thought I had it all worked out. The baby arrives, along came sleepless nights, play dates, play groups, breast or bottle that was what I thought was the big important topics for me.

Instead after my baby was born I was expressing breast milk while my baby lay in intensive care, play dates for a while were traded for sourcing funding and equipment, therapies and dealing with on going infections and cleaning up vomit many times a day, every day for years. Motherhood wasn't what I expected but I love my version of it and though I wish at times it was easier I have learned to embrace my own 'normality'.

My perfect little girl has been worth every tear cried and milestone missed. She has enriched my life by:

  • teaching me about empathy
  • the power of reaching out to others
  • being able to connect with other special needs mums
  • a different kind of caring for others
  • learning how to demonstrate kindness and compassion through a kind word or action
  • helping and giving has brought on a whole new meaning for me as I have been on the receiving end so many times. 
  • Learning to really listen to others
  •  and the the very hard lesson of being patient.

Compassion takes it form in so many ways and looks different to each one of us. 
What does it feel like or look like to you?


  1. You write such positive posts. I love reading them.
    Motherhood has also taught me more about compassion. I can now find compassion for other parents who I might have judged or thought had it "easy" before I had children of my own. I've learned to give other people the benefit of the doubt-- that everyone's lives are more complicated than they appear. It's amazing what we learn from having children!!

    1. I am so glad you stop by and enjoy my blog. I know what you mean about giving people the benefit of the doubt life is so much more complicated than we think. Children bring so much joy but challenge and help us grow with every emotion at some point. :-)